Arrow to the Heart
Season 2, Episode 4
Air date Febraury 2013
Written by Grant
Directed by Grant
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Main Cast
Jack Melborn
Mila Djovovich
Mary Melborn
Millie Shawn
Fiona Diddle
Ryder Melborn
Lauren Stroner
Eva Simmons
Mona Melborn
Tom Tompson
Will Phillips
Reezo Scott
Ellie Melborn
Lori Stevens
Justin Greenfield
Officer K
John Shawn
Karina Shawn

Arrow to the Heart is the fourth episode of Season two of Airport Z, and the fourteenth overall. The group argues what to do with its captive. It centers around Millie Shawn.

It features day 35 of the apocalypse


  • Reezo Scott

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