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General Information
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Dark
Birthday: September, 1978
Family & Friends
Friends: Mila Djovovich

Reezo Scott

Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Back From The Dead
Last appearance: Something Good
Status: Deceased
Date of Death: Screams From The Insane

Portrayer: IronE Singleton

Big-T is a recurring character during season One of Airport Z. He first appears in Back From The Dead.

He is member of the "3-A Team", with Mila and Reezo. He was parto of the Airport Group, and died defending the others in Screams From The Insane


Before the apocalypse, Big-T was in prison, along with Mila and Reezo. He friendly introduces himself to Mila at the prison. ( Something Good)


Mila, Reezo and him somehow escaped the prison with motorcycles and headed towards the road.


  • One of the 11 to die on the Night of the Screams (alongside Phil Goldstuck. Edan Goldstuck. Patrick Goldstuck, Jenny Goldstuck, Ralph, Scott, Stephan Stevens, Ben Stevens, Titty Stevens and Theodore Diddle)
  • One of the first originated characters
  • IronE Singleton tweeted he was back on set. It was then confirmed he would appear on episode 2 of season 2, during one of Mila´s flashbacks.}
  • It has been revealed he will appear in, at least, 3 more episodes. 
  • Appeared in six episodes, one of them was after his death. 

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season OneEdit

105- Back From The Dead

106- A Warm Welcome

107- 93 %

108- Forever

109- Screams From The Insane (dies)

110- Light Them Up (mentioned)

Season TwoEdit

202- Something Good (flashback)

204- -------- (mentioned)