Brave New World is the second episode of Season one of the post apocaliptic drama, Airport Z. It´s based on Day 8 on the Apocalypses and introduces the character of Fiona Diddle.


After taking refuge a whole week on his house, Jack decides it´s time to go out and prepare for a new, brave world, and find his mother Mona. 


Jack was staring through his windos at his bedroom. It was late at night, and a zombie walked throught the streets.

"Everything alright"? Mary asked him.

"It`s so weird. How did we come to this? One day you``re going to work, and the other the world is full of zombies."

May approached him, holding her baby, Tootsie.

"It`s like, the worlds gone to hell, and we don`t kow anything.... maybe it`s just this town. Maybe it`s America, or it surely is the whole planet. All I know is that the world as I knew it.... my world... has gone to hell. And Tootsie, Tootsie`s three months old. She has to grow up on a situation like this."

Mary holds Jacks hand.

"We`ll make it. We`ll make it work. I know everything`s so.... chaotic, but that doesn`t mean we have to change whoo we are. We don`t yet know how the outside world is."

"And what about the others? Momm do you think she`s still alive? What about our friends? What about Ellie`s friends?"

Mary said nothing, and just hold Jacks hand.

"What are you doing?" Mary asked Jack, as he raced down the stairs. 

"It`s time to know this world, Mary, and I have to find out what happened to mom. I can`t just lock myself up here. I gotta find weapons, I gotta prepare." Jack said, as he opened the door. "I`ll be back, stay safe, take care of the kids."

"Wait!" Ryder yelled, running down the stairs. "I`m going with you."


"I`m going, I also want to prepare for this. I`m not gonna seat on my house."

Jack stared at Mary.

"Let`s go." Jack said.

"Do you think we`re the only ones?" Ryder asked his father, as they silentely walked down the street.

"I don`t think so. That`s what we want to find out."

"This Whole.... thing. Do yo think it will stop?"

"To be honest.... I don`t know son, I don`t know. I know we gotta embrace ourselves to this brave, new world. Many thinkgs can happen, many things will happen. And we all gotta stay strong."

They turned left, to a local weapon store. They etered it. Everything was dark. 

"We will need some of these." Jack said. The store had already been stolen. Many weapons were missing, and it was all turned over. Jack grabed a rifle. 

"Know how to use that?" Ryder asked his father.

"Kinda. My father had a gun when I was a kid. He used to take me shooting sometimes. 

Jack then grabed a revolver and handed it to Ryder. 

"You will learn, too." Jack said, and Ryder smiled. 

"Do you think mom will agree on this?"

"Let`s just hope she understands. We gotta protect her, and your sisters. That`s our objective."

A zombie mouning was heard, coming from outside.