Ellie Melborn
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General Information
Age: 8
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Blue
Birthday: November 31, 2004
Family & Friends
Family: Jack Melborn- Father

Mary Melborn- Mother Ryder Melborn- Brother Tootsie Melborn- Sister (deceased) Jack Melborn- Grandfather (unknown) Mona Melborn- Grandmother

Friends: Theodore Diddle (deceased)
Enemies: Zombies
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Plague
Status: Alive

Ellie Melborn is a main character during season One of Airport Z. She first appears in Plague.

Ellie is Jack and Mary´s 8 year old daughter, growing up on the apocalypse. 

Pre- ApocalypseEdit

Post- ApocalypseEdit

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Episode AppearancesEdit

Season OneEdit

101- Plague

102- Brave, New World (mentioned)

103- The Art of Survival

104- Red Christmas

105- Back From The Dead

106- A Warm Welcome (No lines)

107- 93 %

108- Forever (No lines)

109- Screams From The Insane

110- Light Them Up

Season TwoEdit

201- Home, Sweet Home

202- Something Good (No lines)

203- Ghost (No lines)