Fiona Diddle
General Information
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Brown
Family & Friends
Family: Theodore Diddle (Son; deceased)

Unknown husband (status unknown)

Friends: George Melborn
Enemies: Phil Prescott
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Plague
Portrayer: Rhianna

Fiona Diddle is an upcoming character on Airport Z. She will debut on episode 2, "Brave, New World."


Fiona lived in New York City. Her husband abandoned her when she got preagnant of Theodore. She worked in an insurance company.

Post ApocalypseEdit

Season One (Days 1-31)Edit

Fiona was walking home from work in New York when the virus spread, and she saw zombies and chaos on the street. She immediately run to her apartment to her son, Theodore. Most people on the bulinding left the city or died the following days, and only five where left on the buliding. (Fiona, Theodore, Mark, Chris, Barney). They barricaded the buliding and waited for help from the government. No help came and the city was a chaos, so they decided to escape it with a van that was just across the street, but for that they would have to cross the street, which was infested by zombies. They executed the plan, but Mark and Barney died on the street. Chris was bitten, and turned into a zombie and Fiona was forced to shot him. Fiona and Theodore escaped the city.

They reached a small town called GreensFork the next day, and searched for supplies and survivors there. They found a man, named Phil, who stated he was the only one left on the town and that most of the people had died or escpaed to the city or the countryside. He offered them hospitality, bed, water and food in his shelter house and they acepted. When Fiona was sleeping, Phil took her gun and imprisoned her on her room, as well as Theodore. He first raped Fiona, and then tried to touch Theodore, but Fiona took hold of her gun and kiled him. She and Theodore escaped the house when they heard sounds coming from another house on the neibourhood. Fiona aimed her gun at a man with his teenage son.

They revealed themselves as Jack and Ryder, and they also offered her hospitaloty and food. Fiona was extremely cautious about this, but could see they were good people and acepted. She told them her story (but excluded Phil). They reahced their house to find it sourunded by zombies, while Jack´s wife and two daughters were still inside. Jack entered the house to rescue them and she followed them behind, they rescued his wife, (Mary) and his daughter (Ellie), but his baby (Tootsie) died. The whole family was devastated and escaoed the house.

They then went looking for safe haven and found an abandoned market, with many supplies and took shelter there for a week. They celebrated Christmas all together. Fiona had now grown very close to Jack, and were friends. The same day, a girl came into the market (Lauren), saying she was looking for supplies for her group. They let her do it, and then asked her where her group was, and she said they were about 20 people on the airport. They instructed her to lead them there.

They reached the airport, and Mila, the leader, forbid them to enter. Just then, a woman (Mona) came running and hugged Jack, she was her mother. So, Mila let the group enter the airpirt under her strict rules.

Fiona instaled herself on the airport with Theodore, and became friends with Lori. They were many poeple on the airport. One day, the scientist of the group, Will, developed a plan in wiich they could escape with a plane using a machine and burning down zombies, and she agreed to the plan. 

Several days after, the Goldstuck family went crazy and sacrified themselves to the zombies, thus letting them all in to the airport. The survivors did their best to survive against the zombie threat. Fiona hold Theodore´s hand all way long, and then defended themselves with a gun. Her bullets run out and she was sorounded by walkers heading towards her and Theodore, and they had to run past them. She told Theodore never to let go and runned. They managed to pass by, but Theodore had been scratched by a zombie and was bleeding. He died. All the zombies were dead. Fiona was devasted at Theodore´s death, and mounred besides him all night long. He was forced to shot him when he reanimated. 

The group then continued to their plan of tha airplane after the attack. Fiona placed Theodores body on the zombies they were to burn, and they quietly took seat on the plane. The plane could slowly lift itself to the air, but then, suddenly, it crashed on the forest below.

Season Two (Days 32-)Edit

Episode AppearancesEdit

Season OneEdit

102- Brave, New World Edit

103- The Art of Survival

104- Red Christmas

105- Back From The Dead

106- A Warm Welcome (No lines)

107- 93 % (No lines)

108- Forever (No lines)

109- Screams From The Insane

110- Light Them Up

Season TwoEdit

201- Home, Sweet Home

202- Something Good

203- Ghost

204- Arrow to the Heart

205- Stop Right There (centric)

206- Hunt

207- Gregory's Daughter

208- Red Rose

209- Until Death Tore Us Apart

210- The New Era

Season Three Edit

301- The Fort (No lines)

302- TBA