Jack Melborn
Descarga (18)
General Information
Age: 38
Hair Color: Dark
Eye Color: Brown
Birthday: August 10, 1974
Occupation(s): Doctor ( before apocalypse)
Family & Friends
Family: Mary Melborn- Wife

Mona Melborn- Mother Jack Melborn (father; unknown) Ryder Melborn- Son Ellie Melborn- Daughter Tootsie Melborn- Daughter (Deceased)

Friends: Mila Djovovich

Fiona Diddle Tom Thompson Will Phillips

Enemies: Zombies
Other Information
Series Information
First appearance: Plague
Status: Alive
Portrayer: Mathew Fox
Descarga (18)

Jack Melborn is a main character in Airport Z. He first appeared in Plague. Jack is considered the protagonist of the series.


Jack was born to Mona and Jack Melborn. Jack left his mother when he was six, and Mona raised him all by herself. Jack became a doctor, and with time was the head of the emrgency department. He married Mary Val, and had three children: Ryder (born 1996), Ellie (born 2004), Tootsie (born 2012). 

Post- ApocalypseEdit

Season One (Days 1- 32)Edit

Jack was working at the hospital when a woman came to the emrgency room, and he was called to do immediate surgery on her. The woman was pale, had yellow eyes, and was dying because of an injury. The woman died, and suddenly came back to life to bite Jackie. Everyobody panicked and left the room, while Jack was in shock.