Plague is the first episode of season one of Airport Z. It is also the series pilot episode. It aired on December 18, 2012.

Season 1, Episode 1
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A virus spreads across the world, causing chaos and turning the dead to life. On a normal, sunny day, a doctor, Jack Melborn strives to escape his hospital and find his family.


The little blonde girl was holding a flower.

It was a fine, spring day, Many families were having fun at the park. Dogs runned. Kids laughed.

A man approached little blonde girl.

He called her name, and placed his hand upon her shoulder.

Little Blonde Girl suddenly turned around and balanced herself towards her father. His screams were heard all over the park, as little blonde girl ate him alive.

                                                   AIRPORT Z

Jack stopped his car outside the hospital. Before getting out, he observed his reflection through the mirror, he always did so. Dark hair, dark sunglasses.

Jack opened the door of the hospital. It was another normal busy day. People running around. Phones ringing everywhere. Tv news.

"Hello, Doctor Melborn" A young nurse said, as she passed by Jack.

Jack smiled at her.

"Good morning, nurse jackie."

Jackie smiled, and continued walking. 

Jack continued his way to the emergency room, without realising the TV news was talking about an epidemic all across the country.

"Docor Melborn! emergency on room 8" An old nurse called out through his office door.

Jack let his things on his desk, and went directly to room 8.

Room 8 was filled with doctors and nurses, he couldn´t see the patient.

He moved on between the doctors and nurses, and there, she, or it was. 

A woman, about 30. She was extremely pale, she had a great injury on her neck, on which blood blurted out.

The woman begun chocking, and Jack put on his globes.

"We need to perform surgery to stoop the bleeding right now!" He yelled.

"Doctor" Jackie begun, "She´s gone."


Jack took off his gloves and leaned against the wall.

"Okay, we need the autopsy, and we gotta get in touch with the members of her family, did she carried a cell phone?" Jackie said, as she leaned towards the patient to cover her body.

Unexpectdely, the woman opened her eyes violentely. Her now yellow eyes. She let out a shriek and opened her mouth, directing it at Jackie´s stomach. Her teeth pierced Jackie´s stomach, while she yelled. Jackie´s guts fall over the "deceased" woman.

Jake was in shock.

"POLICE!" the old nurse cried out, as everyone went running out of room 8, in panic,

Jack just stared as the woman who had come back from the dead was devouring his friend, but he felt nothing.

He heard screams from outside the room, and stepped onto the hallway. Another one like the patient was bitting the old nurse.

He wouldn´t bear it this time.

Jack grabbed a fire extinctor hanging by the wall and throwed the smoke at the creature, he then hit the creature with the fire extinctor on its body.

It cames towards him. He kept attacking it, but it just wouldn´t work. It throwed Jack down to the ground, Jack grabbed it by its neck, it was about to bite...... Jack reached the fire extintor and hit it against its head. It fall to the groud.

Jack stood up, gasping. He couldn´t believe what was happening. He went over towards the old nurse, to see if she was okay. She was lying unconscious on the ground, and was sorrounded by blood. Jack pulled her over, but she opened her eyes and tried to attack Jackm but he immediately hit her in the head and she fall to the ground.

"WHAT IS HAPPENING?!" he asked to himself, desperately.

A man came running down the halway.

"Run!" he yelled, "It´s full of them!"

Jack stood up and went onto the lobby, Chaos.

Many of the creatures were atticking people. Papers were running down everywhere, screams where everywhere, chaos was everywhere.

He saw one of them attacking a woman, and hit it in the head with the fire extinctor.

Mary, Ryder, Ellie, Tootsie. Maybe they were also in danger. 

Jack quickly made his way through the hospital´s door.

The town was even worse. Most of the cars were stopped along the road. People screames and runned through the streets.

Zombies balanced against Jack´s car. He grabbed up his phone and called his wife, Mary. No signal. He quickly opened the window and threw his phone across the street.

A woman runned past his car roof. A zombie begun punching against his window. It was followed by another one, and another one, and another one.

The doctor had enough of this. He pulled his car and accelerated quickly towards his house.

Jack pulled over in front of his house. He immediately got out of it, raced against the door and opened it abruptly.

"Mary!? Ryder?! Ellie?!" He yelled.

"Dad!" Little Ellie came running from the stairs, and balanced herslef against her father.

"Ellie! Thank God!" he said.

Mary and Ryder also runned down from the stairs.

Mary was about Jack´s age, she had short brown hair.

Ryder was 16 years old, he had short brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

Ryder smiled and hugged his dad.

"We were so worried, thank god you´re alright." Mary said.

The four hugged.

"Tootsie?"Jack asked, curious about his 6 month baby girl.

"She´s alright, we´re all alright." Mary said, faking a smile." We all still have each other."

The four hugged.


Main CastEdit

Jack Melborn

Mary Melborn

Ryder Melborn

Ellie Melborn

Mona Melborn

Mila Djovovich

Lauren Stoner

Tom Thompson

Guest starringEdit

Little Blonde Girl

Doctor Jackie

Co- StarringEdit

Old Nurse

Little Blonde Girl´s Father



  • Grant called it "too fast and bloody compared to the things to come."
  • Only 4 of the 8 main cast members are present on this episode.
  • This is the only episode not to feature Fiona Diddle.
  • This episode is the second shortest episode of season one.


  • Patient
  • Jackie
  • Old Nurse