Season Two of Airport Z is the second season of the post- apocaliptic drama series, Airport Z. 

Season Two starts off right were season one left. The survivors had escaped the airport with a plane, but it eventually crashed. The survivors wake up in a forest. It mainly deals about character development, each character evaluates their past selves, and make decisions to determine their future. This season introduces flashbacks. 

Episode One (Home, Sweet Home)  premiered in Febraury 2, 2013.  Episode 2, Something Good,  which was Mila-centric premiered on Febraury 4, 2013. Episode 3, Ghost, which was revealed to be Eva-centric , premiered on Febraury 10,  while episode 4 will be Millie centric.


Millie is seen pointing her arrow at Reezo on the season promo. Then, images of episode 4 were linked, and one of them shows a deadly Reezo struck by an arrow. It can be implied that Millie will kill Reezo on episode 4. 


1- Home, Sweet Home. 

2- Something Good.

3- Ghost


Main Cast:Edit

  • Jack Melborn (10/10)- (centric)
  • Mila Djovovich (10/10)- (Centric)
  • Mary Melborn (9/10)- (centric)
  • Millie Borne (2/10)- (centric)
  • Fiona Diddle (10/10)- (centric)
  • Will Phillips (9/10)
  • Ryder Melborn (9/10)- (centric)
  • Lauren Stroner (9/10)- (centric)
  • Eva Simmons (4/10)- (centric)
  • Mona Melborn (9/10)- (centric)
  • Tom Phillips (9/10)- (centric)

​Recurring Cast:Edit

  • Ellie Melborn (4/10)
  • Reezo Scott (4/10)
  • Lori Stevens (4/10)
  • Justin Greenfield (4/10)
  • Officer K (4/10)
  • Billy McClare (0/10)
  • Jena McClare (0/10)


Many changes occur in season two´s main cast. Returning from season one are, Jack Melborn, an ex doctor and family man, dealing with his past on infedility towards his wife, and becoming a leader in the group, Mary Melborn, Jack´s wife, blaming and torturing herself for her baby´s death, Ryder Melborn, Jack and Mary´s 16 year old son, developing a relationship with Lauren, and becoming a man on the apocalypse, Lauren Stoner, a 17 year old fierce girl, developing a relationship with Ryder, Mona Melborn, Jack´s mother, Tom Phillips, an old man developing a relationship with Mona, and trying to mantain moral values. Ellie Melborn was downgraded to recurring cast this season. New characters in the main cast include: Mila Djovovich, a fierce woman leader of the group, trying to do something right once in her life, Millie Borne, a young misterious woman found alone in the woods, Fiona Diddle, a woman dealing with her son´s sudden death, Will Phillips, a science geek that used to work with the government, and knows how the apocalypse started, Eva Simmons, a young freaky woman that has the ability to talk to the dead.


Here´s what we learn of several characters, with their flashbacks.

Mila DjovovichEdit

  • Around 2012, Mila was a hired killer, working for a rich man. 
  • Mila was ordered to kill someone named Grant.  After that, she was captured by the police.
  • The Warden of the jail she was that sent her to prison.
  • She met Reezo and Big-T on prison.
  • The Warden was revealed to be her father. He told her she wouldn´t do anything good on her life. That´s why Mila wants to do the best for her group.

Eva SimmonsEdit

  • Eva had an abusive drunk father, and a prostitute mother. At some point, a woman named Nora took care of her, and treated her as her grandaughter.
  • Nora died after being hit by a buss, right in front of Eva(2010)
  • Eva saw Nora after her death, and she visited her.
  • Eva was commited to an asylum because of her visions.
  • Nora revealed to her she was visiting her because she had to help her. 
  • Eva gets out of the asylum.
  • Nora abandons Eva, saying she is now ready to change her life. (2011)

Millie ShawnEdit

  • She lived in New York with her father and her sister when the apocalypse begun.
  • The family stayed in their apartment the first week of the apocalypse, then decided to flee to the forest.
  • In the forest, Millie`s father was bitten.
  • Millie`s father died, and turned back as a zombie, only to kill Millie`s sister.
  • Millie was forced to kill her father and her sister.
  • Millie then saw the plane falling to the ground.

Fiona Diddle Edit

  • She lived in New York with her son, Theodore, when the apocalypse begun.
  • She locked herself on an apartment with a small group of five people for days.
  • The group decided to stake their lives and head out to the country. Fiona and Theodore where the only survivors.
  • Fiona reaches the town, where she looks for provisions and is taken in by an unknown man, who appears friendly.
  • The man attempted to rape Fiona and kill Theodore. Fiona killed him.
  • Fiona hears noises on a house and encounters Jack.

Lauren Stroner Edit

  • Lauren's father was a drug adict and violent.
  • Lauren worked for a man from the mob.
  • Lauren earned money working for this man.
  • Lauren's mother suffered from cancer and was dying. Lauren saved the money for her.

Tom and Mona Edit

  • Tom and Mary worked on the same company.
  • Tom had a crush on Mona and was afraid on asking her out.
  • Tom was about to ask Mona to go on a date when the apocalypse hit and the company was attacked by walkers.
  • Tom and Mary, along with Jin, escaped the dead, Jin gave his life for them.

Jack and Mary Edit

  • Jack and Mary had a sad marriage.
  • Jack cheated on Mary.
  • Mary suffered depression and other mental illnesses.
  • Jack tried to divorce Mary, but she convinced him not to.