Season one of Airport Z is the first season of the post apocaliptic drama series, Airport Z.

Season one deals with the first days of the zombie apocalypse. It follows the Melborne family pass through various challenges until getting to an airport being hold by survivors.

Episode one, Plauge, aired on Dcember 18, 2012.


Episode 1: Plague

Jack Melbourne is a doctor living in a small town with his family. Everything about his quiet and normal life changes unexpectedly one day at the hospital, when a patient comes back to life, and starts a massacre. This is followed by a series of zombie outbreaks, and leads to Jack to escape the hospital and look for his family. They´re all safe and sound.

Episode 2: Brave, New World

Jack and his wife, Mary discuss the apocalypse in their house. Everything seems so weird and unexpected for the, and they don´t know how to confront it. Jack then decides to explore the brave, new world outside with his oldest son, Ryder. They find weapons. They then visit Jack´s mothers house, Molly, but find it destroyed. Suddenly, they are aimed with a gun by an unknown woman with a little boy.


Main characters:Edit

  • Jack Melborn (10/10)
  • Mary Melborn (10/10)
  • Ryder Melborn (10/10)
  • Ellie Melborn (10/10)
  • Mona Melborn (6/10)
  • Mila Djovovich (6/10)
  • Lauren Stroner (7/10)
  • Tom Thompson (5/10)

Recurring characters:Edit

  • Fiona Diddle (9/10)
  • Will Phillips (5/10)
  • Eva Simmons (5/10)
  • Theodore Diddle (8/10)
  • Justin Deonere (5/10)
  • Big-T (4/10)
  • Reezo Scott (6/10)
  • Marshal Stevens (4/10)
  • Lori Stevens (5/10)
  • Phil Goldstuck (4/10)


The main cats of survivors included: Jack Melborn, a doctor, doing the best for his family to survive and maintain hapiness, Mary Melborn- Jack´s wife, blaming herself for her baby´s death, Ryder Melborn- Jack and Mary´s 16 year old son, a skinny, coward boy that´s truning into a man in the apocalypse, Ellie Melborn- Jack and Mary´s 10 year old daughter, a kid suffering in the apocalypse, maintaining her innosence, Mona Meloborn- Jack´s mother, was believed dead, an old woman maintaining moral values and developing a love interest in Tom, Mila Djovovich- the airport´s leader, a cold woman, doing the best for her group, Lauren Stoner- A 17 year old woman, who can take care of herself more than a grown man, Tom Thompson- An old man, doing the best for love and humanity each day.

The recurring cast of survivors included: Fiona Diddle- A single woman, willing to do everything for her son, Will Phillips- A scientist, develops a plan to safe haven, Eva Simmons- A misterious, young girl, Theodore Diddle- Fiona´s young boy, Justin Deonore- A 15 year old boy, quiet, develops a crush on Eva, Big-T- Mila´s left hand, strong, brave, Reezo Scott- Mila´s right hand, ill tempered man, Marshal Stevens- Father of the Steven´s family, good family man, cowboy, Lori Stevens- Marshal´s cowboy wife, Phil Goldstcuck- A misterious man, he and his family plan to commit suicide together to be forever together.


Important Deaths:Edit

  • Jackie
  • Old Nurse
  • Tootsie Melborn
  • Phil Goldstuck
  • Edna Goldstuck
  • Patrick Goldstuck
  • Jenny Goldstuck
  • Ralph
  • Scott
  • Marshal Stevens
  • Ben Stevens
  • Titty Stevens
  • Theodore Diddle
  • Big-T